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Charlie Wheatley 14.09.2019 04:23

Hi. Our family of five would love to purchase a female Beaglier. Will there be any available before Christmas? Thanks x

Louisa 09.12.2018 10:44

Hi there, I am inquiring for your Beaglier GIRL puppy’s, do you have any? How old? With vaccination? Can we meet them first? And the home where they are bred?:)

Anthony Warner 05.10.2018 06:50

Hi. Our family of 5 (2 adults and 3 kids) would like to purchase a female Beaglier puppy. Can you please advise of any upcoming availability. Thank you.

Natalie 30.09.2018 10:38

Do you have any pups available now? Ready to bring a new fur baby into our home x

Debbie 27.07.2017 00:35

Hi, I am interested in a beaglier puppy. Will you have any available before Xmas?
We are based in Perth.

Emily 05.02.2017 11:19

Hi, our family of 4 would love a beaglier. Boy or girl. Can you please let me know when you have a litter available. We are in Perth. Thanks Emily

kate 05.02.2016 09:44

Hi, I am onterested in a female puppy. Would love to know when one would be available. Kate

David Booth 31.10.2015 08:50

Am interested in a begalier - pup or older. Would like to know what is likely to be available and when.

Joan 28.04.2014 05:21

Looking for a tri colour female black nose

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28.07 | 09:42

Hi I am interested in a beaglier- when will you have a litter available please. Regards Kerri

18.08 | 10:34

Hi, we are looking at hopefully getting a Beaglier puppy? Could you please let me know if you will have any puppies soon? Thanks

14.08 | 20:47

Looking to understand more around your next litter.

12.08 | 04:46

Looking for a female beaglier to join our family. Just wondering when you might have availability and cost. Whereabouts are you located? Thanks