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Tania Aloisio 24.06.2020 21:04

Hi I’m interested in a beaglier pup, black and brown if possible either sex is ok. Anything available for 4 months time?

Rosie Sims 18.05.2020 08:55

Hi, we are interested in getting a beaglier puppy... preferably tri colour. Please let me know if you can help us. Thank you

Trish Richards 08.02.2020 03:09


We are interested in a Beaglier preferably a male tri colour

Could you let me know when your next litters would be available

Kind Regards

Trish Richards

Jess 28.05.2018 02:51

Are there any available??

Raj 20.10.2017 12:54


Are there any litters expected in The next 2 months

Maryanne Brown 21.09.2017 07:45

We are looking for a beaglier puppy, do you have any coming up, Taree area

Eden 20.09.2017 01:55

Hi. We are looking for a beaglier puppy. Do you have any upcoming litters available? We are in the wollongong region. Regards

Marisa Martelli 15.09.2017 13:54

We are currently looking for a beagle puppy to complete our family. Can you please advise when one is available. We are in Perth.

Hayley Robertson 27.06.2017 06:31

After much research we have decided a Beaglier is for us. Would love to know when you next have a litter and any pups become available.

Elizabeth 26.06.2017 02:53

Hi there, i would love to welcome a beaglier puppy into our family. Would love to know of any avaialablr or any upcoming litters

Lauren 02.05.2016 00:19

Hi, I'm looking for a beaglier puppy if you have any available or will at any time soon please let me know

Eddy 18.01.2016 04:33

Hi, I am looking for a beaglier girl puppy. If you have one available or have an upcoming litter, I'd very much like to know. Thank you!

Andrew 17.01.2016 01:18

Hi, please advise when you have beaglier puppies available. Kind regards, Andrew

Ruth Higgs 04.01.2016 06:31

Hi I was wondering when your next will be ready to adopt as I am very interested in buying on of these gorgeous dogs

Keith 04.01.2016 00:34

Hello just wanting to know when the next available pups are due ,we are looking for a family pet
Thank you in advance

Elizabeth fergusson 28.10.2015 10:51

Love the tri colour beaglier. Will you have any available soon. REALY interested
Liz fergusson

HAYLEY 28.11.2014 04:02

Is this little pup availabe?

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28.07 | 09:42

Hi I am interested in a beaglier- when will you have a litter available please. Regards Kerri

18.08 | 10:34

Hi, we are looking at hopefully getting a Beaglier puppy? Could you please let me know if you will have any puppies soon? Thanks

14.08 | 20:47

Looking to understand more around your next litter.

12.08 | 04:46

Looking for a female beaglier to join our family. Just wondering when you might have availability and cost. Whereabouts are you located? Thanks