Hi Bea, look at me...I just turned 2 and I am the worlds happiest and snuggliest and bestest Beaglier that ever there was πŸ’™πŸΆπŸ’™
I hope you are well and doing ok
Love Buddy (and Georgie)

September 2020

Hi Bea

I thought I’d send you a photo of Pep, our little boy (now a lot bigger), who’s almost 6 months old.
He’s got a beautiful personality, he loves long walks, playing at the beach... and has been in really good health.​
Thanks again
Hi Bea 

I have a problem..
I can’t do anything as I have this beau­tiful little puppy sound asleep on my la­p!!! 
Lucy is just lovely and so very comfort­able 
Thank you so much. I thought you might like to see this pic 

Thanks again for ev­erything 

Ps she was the top of the class the fir­st week at puppy sch­ool 

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Hi Bea,

Sending regards from our family. Beautiful Lady much loved and adored. Toilet training and eating going beautifully, but sleep deprived nights are a work in progress lol.



Hi Bea,

We just wanted to touch base and let you know that Trixie is settling in well. She was perfect on the drive home. She­’s not a fan of her collar but is scratc­hing less at it each day. We have her set up in the laundry and she goes to bed really well and slept through the first night, then woke 4.4­5am the next two mor­nings (needed to come up to a puppy bed in our room to re-s­ettle) and we put her down a little later last night and she roused at a respect­able 6am today. She is eating all of her 100g lamb mince at night and is now fi­nishing off the half cup of kibble before lunch. She’s navi­gating stairs up and down but doesn’t ju­mp up or down from the couch yet. We wi­ll give her the 9 we­ek worming tablet to­night. 

She is doing her bu­siness on the grass with only a few acci­dents so far, so tha­nks so much for the toilet training you did! 

She had her first bath with us today and wasn’t a fan, but smells lovely now! We start puppy pre-s­chool next week.

She has sharp little teeth and is start­ing to use them on us but when that happ­ens we change the si­tuation for a minute (ie put her onto the floor if she’s up on the couch) as soon as she does it to try to demonstrate it’s not ok. Might get alternate instruc­tions next week but we’ll roll with that until then. 

We have registered her on the AAR datab­ase and have her sec­ond vac booked in for next Thursday. Ki­ds don’t return to school for another 3 weeks so someone will be home through the day until then so she’s fully settled before she’ll be home alone 8-4 Mon-Thur­s. 

We are all absolute­ly smitten with her and so grateful she is in our lives. 

Kind regards,
Angie, Brett, Xander & Tashie

Hi Bea,

I took Louis to the vet on Thursday and she said he's in per­fect condition.​ She said it was so nice to have a breeder do exactly the right things.​ :)
Susan Wilson

Hi Bea, 
Just wanted to say that Rusty is such a beautiful member of our family now and we couldn’t imagine life without him. Thought you’d like to know he’s doing well. Say hi to his mum and dad from him. 
Thanks for breeding such a beautiful boy. 



Dear Bea

Just wanted to share a picture of lovely Brooklyn 16 months on :)

He is insanely smart, beyond beautiful and he knows it, nose at quarantine level, so testing, hard work, but super loving and did we say smart? :) hehe
He now lives with us in Los Angeles (yes he took a big jet plane) and he loves it here.
Hope you love the pic
Kate & Daniel x

Hi Bea, just a picture of our beautiful astrid on her first birthday, thought you might like to see her,


Hi Bea,

I just wanted to update you on our gorgeous girl Zeena.

Zeena is just such a pleasure, she has been home schooled and very intelligent. In her first 2 weeks she learnt sit, stay, shake and roll over. I was told Beagliers can be stubborn and very naughty but Zeena has proved to be the opposite, she is eager to please, well behaved and part of the family. She hasn't even chewed up a shoe or any of our belongings. She does have many toys and has spent so much time with me I guess she doesn't have chance to become naughty. She travels in the car well, socialises with the other dogs at the dog park, loves children and a trip down to the local pet shop to check out the kittens and birds.

We have entered the RSPCAs Million Paws walk in May which Zeena is campaigning at the moment and raising well needed funds to help stop animal cruelty. Here are some photos of Zeena from the last couple of weeks I thought you might like, feel free to use them on your website or for any other advertising.

All the best!

Sally, Mitch and Zeena

Bea – I’m sure you can’t keep track of all the beautiful pups you send out into the world, I do want to let you know that Daisy has a happy life here with us, and she is bringing so much joy to us, our extended family and our friends.   She is a gorgeous happy spirit and growing more special to us each day… she is loved and seems to love us back. Thank you for raising such a delightful little girl, and for allowing us to call her family too.

Much love from us all

Sue, Vik, Anna, Tom, Honey & DAISY 

Hi Bea,

I wanted to email you a couple of pics of our little guy now he's 3 months old. He's settled in great and is well and truly part of the family. He's grown so fast and is full of fun and mischief but has learned all the basic commands no problem. He loves being with our kids the most I think. So thanks for letting him be part of our lives. We all love him dearly.

Kind regards



I hope you and your family are well. I just want to thank you again for our beautiful girl, Pippa. She is such an amazing pup; we constantly get comments from people about how gentle and sweet natured she is. She settled into our family and home so quickly, which we attribute to the way she was looked after while with you. If you ever have potential buyers wanting to speak to past customers about their experience buying one of your pups, please feel free to pass on my email address to them. We would recommend your pups to any one.

I've attached a few photos for you of Pippa with our kids. We are all in love!
Thanks again,
Juanita x

The puppy has arrived and is gorgeous. He has a lovely temperament and is a credit to you. Thank you very much.



We are loving our little guy!
He has settled in so well.


Hi Bea,
 Hudson arrived safe and well last night :) He is even more adorable in person!! He loves his bed and new toys. 

Hi Bea

Thanks so much for all your help. We've spent a few days at Bunnings sorting our yard out, I think he's got a nice area to be safe & play now 😊🐢 We've got a doggy door too so the spoilt little puppet can enjoy the aircon on those 45 degree days. 


Hi Bea!

Chalupa is the sweetest little dog, he's so cuddly and affectionate. He survived the trip to Kalgoorlie really well & he's very well behaved. Well.. as much as you'd expect from a tiny puppy! 


Hi Bea,

We received him safe and sound,Thanks 😊






Hi Bea,

Just a quick message to let you know the girls are doing well. We have been going to puppy school with them and they are great with the other dogs and starting to get along well with basic training. We are all loving our new additions to the family!!!

Here is a quick snap, Lilly on the left and Chloe on the right.

Sue x

Bodhi in Singapore...May 2018, certainly relaxed and at home❤

Tracey West 19.03.2021 22:18

Hi Bea, nearly 2 years on & Mikey is well. He is just a joy to be around. We are walking everyday.
I would like to send you a photo, but I have lost your emai.

Suzanne 13.07.2019 11:20

Hello, I would love more information on your beautiful breed and details for waiting list. Thank you! I am in Northern NSW

Lien 12.07.2019 14:32

Hi I'm looking for a female beaglier puppy trio colour. I'm in Sydney. Can you please quote me and timeline as in when your next litter?
Thank you so much!

Rob Armour 21.06.2019 10:35

Hey Bea.
At some stage I would love to have my own gorgeous lil beaglier...
Ive been researching for months. Which state are you in???. Im in NSW.
Thanks Rob

Kristi 28.04.2019 04:01

Hi Bea
Izzy arrived safe & sound, and is settling in very well. Sleeping & toilet training have been a breeze - thank you! We adore our clever, gorgeous girl 😍

Sue 12.01.2019 03:02

Hi Bea, our little Gracie arrived safe and well in Melbourne, settling in well and sleeping through the night by night 2, gorgeous, Sue Jules Scarlett

Daniel and Penny 22.10.2018 01:54

Hi Bea and John. We just want to say thank you so much for helping us find the most beautiful life in the world. Lucy is incredibly smart and adorable! Thanks !

sam 12.03.2017 05:51

Hi B, Thank you so much for all you do. She arrived safe and sound to us at Darwin. Many thanks xxx Sam and Di.

Taco 23.12.2017 07:51

Hi Sam & Di - We got our little Taco end of March and would love to know if our little puppies are from the same litter? She was born 27/01/17.

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Hi I am interested in a beaglier- when will you have a litter available please. Regards Kerri

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Hi, we are looking at hopefully getting a Beaglier puppy? Could you please let me know if you will have any puppies soon? Thanks

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Looking to understand more around your next litter.

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Looking for a female beaglier to join our family. Just wondering when you might have availability and cost. Whereabouts are you located? Thanks