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Now 4 weeks old!!!

Hello and welcome to  our new beaglier bubs, born on the 1st of June!!  😀
The puppies will deepen in colour over the next 5 to 6 weeks, with the tan becoming a beautiful 'red tan'.

Kerri Wagner 28.07.2022 09:42

Hi I am interested in a beaglier- when will you have a litter available please. Regards Kerri

Margot 03.08.2021 10:55

Hi, do you currently have any beagliers for sale? Your puppies are so adorable. Thanks Margot

Danny 26.07.2021 12:46

Four years on and we could not be happier with our two Beagliers from Bea. Lexi and Levi are healthy and both absolutely adorable! Part of the family!!

Janece 04.08.2020 00:59

Oh my all the puppies are so so adorable. Do you have a female tan Puppy still available ? Thankyou

Ada 03.08.2020 08:57

Hi there, we are very interested in a male Beaglier puppy, If still available. Please advise price and availability. Many thanks, Ada

Tony Littlewood 22.07.2020 09:31

Hi, we are interested in a male tri-colour beaglier just wanting to know price availability and location

Susan Rossell 07.07.2020 08:00

I’m looking for a female beaglier for my intellectually disabled daughter
We had a beagle for 14 years but unfortunately she recently died, we’d love a new dog

Glenn 03.07.2020 09:22

HI I'm looking for a blenheim Beaglier puppy and am interested to know more on how to get one, availability, price etc. Look forward to hearing from you.

Vladimiro Magosso 01.07.2020 03:37

Hi, desperately wanting a puppy for my family. would love to be contacted by you in regards to availability and purchasing. Thank you.

Ashvin 30.06.2020 04:23

I am interested in my a puppy. How much is the price.

Susan 17.06.2020 05:30

We would love to join you waitlist for a puppy. We are a family with two children located in Brisbane.
Many thanks

Peg 16.06.2020 05:33

Hello. We really want a beaglier puppy. Will take either sex but prefer a girl. He or she would have the best life up on the farm with 12 yr old boy!

Sue Field 12.06.2020 10:21

Hi, I am interested in buying a puppy, can you please advise how I get onto your wait list and what details you need from me? Really appreciate your help.

Kara 09.06.2020 02:00

Hi my partner and I are looking to purchase a puppy I was wondering how the waiting list works and if you have any available

Andrea 07.06.2020 11:49

Hi, my partner and I have been looking to adopt Beaglier for months. We haven’t been able to find one. I would love to surprise him for his birthday in Septembe

Mikeely 05.06.2020 07:07

Hi i would like to enquire about a female puppy and your location please.

Angelo 04.06.2020 05:29

Hi I would like to enquire about a male beaglier puppy please.
When will they be ready for their new homes and how much are they please?

Robert Holt 03.06.2020 10:44

Hi we are looking to buy a beaglier puppy for a loving family, any sex. Please let me know if any available.

Donna 03.06.2020 10:04

Hi I would like to enquire about a male puppy please when would they be ready for their new homes and how much are they please ?

Troy 02.06.2020 04:09

Hi I am interested in getting a Beaglier puppy for our family...any colour... Thanks

Mariela Astorga 19.05.2020 07:08

Hi, I am interested to get a Beaglier puppy for our family. Do you have any available for sale?

Rosie Sims 18.05.2020 08:59

Hi, interested in getting a beaglier puppy for our family... preferably tri colour

Brent 12.05.2020 07:24

Hi, young family looking for a beaglier pup.

Tracy Kennedy 05.05.2020 11:07

Hi, just wondering if you have any puppies still available or when the next litter would be.
We are located in Victoria.
Thanks in advance.

Carrie 04.05.2020 12:34

Hi there, I would love to know when you expect your next litter as our family would love to have a little puppy in the family. Thanks.

Jess 02.05.2020 06:09


We are wondering when your next litter is due? We are a eager to welcome a puppy to our family

Sean 15.04.2020 11:10

Hello do you have any beagliers for sale

Danika 04.03.2020 10:54

Hi, was wondering if you allow people to come look and connect with the puppies I’m interested in a dog but would love to meet them first ❤️

Fiona Hird 27.10.2019 21:51

Hi we are after a beaglier female do you have any available could you please let me know price and location my family would love me for Christmas
Thanks Fiona

Michelle 13.10.2019 10:02

Hi. We’re keen on a female beaglier puppy. Just wondering where you are, how much they are and when they will be available? Thanks

Anna Daniel 11.08.2019 13:03

We are after a female beaglier how much and do you have any available.

Jasmin Fookes-noone 10.07.2019 04:09

Hi interested in one of these puppies. I sent an email hope to hear from you soon.jasmin

Lihping Lam 18.09.2018 16:46

I was wondering if you've received my email I sent last week? I am interested in a male beaglier (tan and white).

Bianca 25.02.2018 02:29


I’m interested in a female beaglier puppy. Just wondering when your next litter is?

Is it possible to be put on the waiting list?

Kind Regards Bianca

Bea 25.02.2018 05:34

Bianca use the "CONTACT US" tab and email me...ta.

Bianca 25.02.2018 05:22

Hi ,

I’ m interested in a female beaglier puppy. Just wondering if we could be put on the waiting list if possible.

Kind Regards Bianca

Bea 25.02.2018 05:03

Bianca please send me an email...answering a few today.

Craig Anderson 14.10.2017 04:43

Hi I am interested in a female beaglier puppy at around Christmas time, can you tell me of availability, cost and your location.

Jo Roberts 10.10.2017 10:38

Hi, I am interested in a Beaglier puppy with tri colour. Please put me on the waiting list and let me know about your next litter re: price and location. Thanks

Mark donaghey 31.08.2017 10:18

Hi I am interested in getting a male beaglier pup in january/February of next year. Can u ship to Perth and how much would the pup cost? thanks

Eva Berger 17.08.2017 20:48

Hi I am interested in a female beaglier puppy, could you please tell me where I could buy one and costs involved, thank you Eva

Joseph barakat 03.08.2017 11:18

Hello, we would like to be put on your waiting list for a female tan and white beaglier, or any two-tone pup. Thank you and regards, the Barakats

Stacey 03.08.2017 00:09

Good morning! I'm looking for a female beagalier (two tone or tri colour). I'd love to know more information about your next litter, price and transportation.😊

Bec 31.07.2017 09:23

Are any of the beagilers available? We would love a tri colour one. What is the price and transport to adelaide please

Mel 10.07.2017 04:59

Hi we are looking for a female, preferably two tone but not overly fussy. Can you please advise availability, also pricing and transport to vic (if relevant)

Bec 09.07.2017 03:15

We are looking for a tri colour boy beagiler to join our little in country sa and have been looking please let us know if you have any available

Tori 25.06.2017 04:05

Hi there we are looking for a beaglier puppy to join our family and wanted to see if you have any still available?

Thank you & look forward to hearing from you

Renae 23.06.2017 10:48

Hi interested in purchasing a beaglier for our family, please let me know if u have any available thanks

Renee 16.06.2017 04:26

Very interested in a male beaglier too! I look forward to hearing from you.

Beau 04.06.2017 08:59

Hi I am looking for a tan male beaglier. I live in WA. Happy to put down a deposit asap

Stacey Maslin 31.05.2017 07:43

Do you have any Beaglier puppies for sale and how much do they cost?

Rhiannon 22.05.2017 14:13

Hi, I'm wondering if you have any Beaglier puppies available? Preferably a boy.

Tiffany Jackson 11.04.2017 10:59

I am just wondering if you have a litter due soon
My family are looking for a baby beaglier to join our family.
I would love to hear from you

Melissa Stewart 30.03.2017 21:54

Hi, we are looking to buy a puppy. We are in Brighton VIC, and a woman at my daughters school has a pup from you and gave me your details. Do you have any?

Eloise Emery 30.03.2017 13:55

Hi, do you have any litters due in the near future? Thanks, Eloise

Kamini 14.11.2016 00:25

We are very interested in owning a tri-colour pup. I have made contact via the contact page but have not heard anything. Pls contact me - Kamini

Nick 18.09.2016 08:27

how awesome these little puppies are. Im looking to buy one. Just wondering where r u located and price pls. Im living in Melbourne

Joe 21.08.2016 10:24

Would like too know where you are located and cost please

Donna murdock 13.08.2016 11:42

Looking to buy , do you have any left?

Janine carson 26.07.2016 21:39

Have you any puppies of this litter left where are you situated and what price are your puppies

Brendan 28.06.2016 13:09

Hi could you please give me price and availability please

Natalie 22.06.2016 13:55

Hi im after a puppy I live in Ballarat Victoria

Jess 22.06.2016 03:32

hi we are looking for the tanned brown pups, what is the wait list on these beautiful puppies? and how much?

Linda Harbrow 07.06.2016 14:11

I am looking for a Beaglier puppy to join our family. Do you have a wait list, how long a wait would we be expecting and what would be the cost?
Regards, Linda

Sue McAuley 04.02.2016 00:48

Hi. Would love to know when your next litter is due and if we could order a tri coloured male or female pup.
Cheers Sue

Bea 04.02.2016 11:03

Hi Sue
Would love to keep a puppy for you but you need to contact me via the CONTACT TAB on the left of the screen. Look forward to hearing from you. Cheers Bea

Sandra Detez 16.09.2015 12:03

looking to buy a female beaglier puppie - we live in WA

matt 16.09.2015 03:19

Interested in female beaglier price and availability

Alisha 01.09.2015 07:35

Hi I would love to buy one of your puppies.
How much are they and when are they ready
Thanks Alisha

coral 28.08.2015 09:44

i want one of your beautiful boys please let me know if they are available for fathers day? i live in Sydney

B 29.08.2015 00:50

Coral....Please use the 'Contact page' tab on the left. Send me an email and I'll be in touch. Thanks.

Monique 27.08.2015 05:44

So in love with this breed, is there any puppies available now or going to be available soon?

Thanks so much

B 29.08.2015 00:52

Monique. ..Please use the 'Contact page' tab on the left. Send me an email and I can respond to you. Thankyou.

Paula 24.06.2015 12:15

Sorry I have just gone further into your site and seen the beautiful puppies born in June have they all sold is there a female tri color available thanks Paula

Ruth Higgs 26.11.2014 10:58

Have you any pups available and what do you sell them for

Sarah Bond 20.10.2014 05:51

We would love a tan & white male please towards the end of November - could we pay a deposit?

suv 15.09.2014 13:21

hi i want one male beaglier brown and white in mid of november ? price plz?

Brent 03.09.2014 14:37

Hi, interested in perhaps buying 2 beagliers. How much?

andriana van kooy 08.08.2014 07:49

hi i am interested in buying a beaglier just wanted to know how much they will be

therese lamaro 12.07.2014 08:53

Hi we are interested in a beaglier puppy. Can we be on a wait list for your next litter.

tiffany mayer 25.06.2014 10:45

How much are they? I used to have a beagleir and he was the best dog i ever had but he died tragically and three yrs later im not over it now looking for anothe

B 14.12.2013 11:21

Thankyou for your enquiries. Please use the CONTACT tab, this way I receive your email direct and I can respond. Cheers B

Kathy 14.12.2013 10:07

Hi we are after a puppy for our children for christmas do you have any and how much are they? we live in hurstville sydney

venetia 14.12.2013 06:54

hi do you have any puppies left? i was hoping to get a beautiful beaglier for christmas

B 13.12.2013 06:29

Puppies ready for new homes 16th January

tracy 13.12.2013 05:24

Hi do you have any puppies, what is the price

Tiffany 12.12.2013 08:00

Hi there,
Any pups available at the moment?
Thanks, Tiffany.

lauren 09.12.2013 09:10

Hi, looking for a beaglier pup in about march next year. What are the chances of you breeding around that time? Lauren

Sam Noble 21.08.2013 06:59

Hi. Do you have any pups for sale at the moment? I am in NSw thanks

B 21.08.2013 08:20

Hi Sam
Our next beagliers will be available late November/early December.
If you would like to go on my list just let me know.

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28.07 | 09:42

Hi I am interested in a beaglier- when will you have a litter available please. Regards Kerri

18.08 | 10:34

Hi, we are looking at hopefully getting a Beaglier puppy? Could you please let me know if you will have any puppies soon? Thanks

14.08 | 20:47

Looking to understand more around your next litter.

12.08 | 04:46

Looking for a female beaglier to join our family. Just wondering when you might have availability and cost. Whereabouts are you located? Thanks