We are in Australia. Yes we do export.

A quote will apply for each application. Puppies must be aged over 12 weeks, we prefer 14/16 weeks.

Please use the CONTACT tab and email all relevant information. 


juliane Grabbert 04.01.2021 00:14

Hello, we are a family based in northern beaches Sydney. We’d love to get a beaglier. Would you pls provide us with your requirements and procedures to get one?

Ada 05.08.2020 10:28

Hi, we are very interested in a male Beaglier puppy, please put me in the waiting list and advice price and deposit account for waiting list payment, thanks.

aimee 22.07.2020 13:19

Very Very interested in a beagle puppy! Please put me on a waitlist as this pup would be the perfect match to our family. willing to pay whatever price

Barbara 13.07.2020 04:55

I am desperately looking for a companion for my 2 yr Old beaglier. Would like to go on a wait list please and info on purchase details re cost and shipping. TIA

Andrew Spencer 05.07.2020 01:08

Hi my family and I are very intrested in purcha Beaglier puppy. We feel it would be the perfect match as for us as we have an 8mth old daughter.

Melita 11.05.2020 21:03

Hello we are interested in being on a waiting list for a puppy. Can you please provide details. Thank you

Kathy 09.05.2020 00:40

Your website tells me you are selling Beaglier Puppies. If you have any available or have an upcoming litter i would be interested in purchasing one. Thanks

Penny 08.05.2020 21:49

Hi, I am intererested in a Beaglier, can you please tell me cost, how much deposit is and location?

Priscilla 03.05.2020 19:35

I would like to be out on a wait list. Please advise how this could be done. Thanks

Carmel 03.05.2020 04:48

Could I put my name down for a puppy

Kim Hartley 30.04.2020 09:40

Hi, I'm very interested in adopting a puppy from yourself, Is the July litter when they are ready to go or when they are born? Thank you

Natasha Sunde 24.04.2020 05:27

Hello, we are very interested in a Beaglier puppy. Could you please advise us when your next litter is due? Kind regards, Natasha

Rick I 22.04.2020 10:01

Hi, Im interested in buying a pup later in 2020. We have owned one before, sadly :( passed away and I would like to buy another one for our children.

Brent Maher 14.04.2020 02:12

Good afternoon, We are very interested in purchasing a Beaglier puppy. Could I please register as a potential buyer for any future litters. Kind Regards, Brent

Danielle 28.03.2020 10:09

Hello, where snouts are you located and do you have any puppies atm

Georgia 28.03.2020 05:59

Any pups at the moment? 😀

Brianna 28.03.2020 01:44

Hey, I'm looking for a Beaglier puppy.
located in Perth, WA.

Sarah 21.03.2020 04:05

I am interested in a beagilier pup. Can you please let me know cost and your location?

Sarah 10.02.2020 11:02

Hi can I please have more info on this cross breed,we are very interested in getting a pup but need to know the costs involved please
We are located in melb Vic

Sarah Simpson 24.03.2019 17:14

Hi we live on the Gold Coast and are interested in purchasing a female beaglier. Are you able to quote a price for your next litter around June please. Thanks

Galit Lahav 13.01.2019 22:37

Hello, we are looking for a female beaglier (puppy, young or adult). We live in Massachusetts. Thanks!

Mark Ufer 06.01.2019 23:52

Hello, I am interested in buying a beaglier puppy. I live in Brisbane QLD. Do you have any puppies available and if you do what are the prices.

James David McKerlie 09.01.2019 03:43

When are the next puppies available. Jim

Chrissy Tallowin 20.06.2018 07:41

Hi there, we would love to have a quote and availability for a female beagluer in October. We live in Perth WA. Thank you! Chrissy

Ronnie Milan 12.06.2018 13:41

Hey, I would love to receive a quote for a female puppy to be export to Germany, or alternately, if you could recommand a trusty breeder in Europe. Thanks a lot

Cherry 18.05.2018 09:18

Hello. Interested in a female beaglier puppy.
Please advise process, how long and the price.
Thanks so mucg

Peter 15.11.2017 10:23

Hi...I am after a female puppy...what’s the availability and cost? And where are you located?

Elana Traurig 27.10.2017 11:12

We are interested in a grown beaglier. Prob 18months or older


Janette Scheuble 09.10.2017 10:39

Hello looking to buy a Beaglier we are located in Sydney but happy to drive 2-3 hours for pick up. Prefer a black/tan and would like a female. Thank you

Jo Roberts 07.10.2017 02:04

Hello, we are interested in buying a beaglier puppy. We live on the Sunshine Coast QLD. Do you have any puppies available and if you do what are the prices.

Diane 03.09.2017 08:57

I am interested in purchasing a beaglier pup, preferably female.
Can you please tell me where you are located. We are in Melbourne, family of 4
thank you

Alfredo castrianns 11.11.2016 11:11

Hi there im in the market for a beaglier puppy. I just want to find out about pricing location of puppy if im able to see them and waiting time. Thanks Alf

Michael 04.04.2016 23:05

Hi, Are you planning on having a litter in July/August, what is the cost of a puppy and where are you located in Australia? Looking forward to hearing from you.

Amanda 28.02.2016 06:55

Where are you located? Can puppies be picked up and not flown

B 28.02.2016 11:12

Pick up is fine. This is all discussed during the purchase of your puppy. Use the CONTACT TAB to email me if you wish to be on our waiting list.

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28.07 | 09:42

Hi I am interested in a beaglier- when will you have a litter available please. Regards Kerri

18.08 | 10:34

Hi, we are looking at hopefully getting a Beaglier puppy? Could you please let me know if you will have any puppies soon? Thanks

14.08 | 20:47

Looking to understand more around your next litter.

12.08 | 04:46

Looking for a female beaglier to join our family. Just wondering when you might have availability and cost. Whereabouts are you located? Thanks