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Our puppies at 6 weeks old.....Please use the contact page to email me....Use the comments section to leave a beautiful comment about our gorgeous beaglier puppies :)

Ada 05.08.2020 10:31

Hi, we are very interested in a male Beaglier puppy, please put me in the waiting list and advice price and deposit account for waiting list payment, thanks.

Janece 04.08.2020 01:37

Hello I would love to purchase a female Beaglier from you. All the puppies are gorgeous l. I live all the photos Thankyou

Janece 04.08.2020 01:39

I love 💔 all the photos (lol typo above)

Bec 24.03.2020 06:53

Hi, we are just wondering if you have any puppies available at the moment?

Fiona Hird 05.10.2019 21:09

Hi could you tell us where your located and when your next litter is available thanks the hird family

Joanne Pamment 19.06.2019 03:30

Please advise when the next litters are expected, what we need to do to secure a puppy (male), transport method and price of puppy.
Thank You, Jo

June Stephens 15.06.2019 07:12

Hi, I live in Southern California and am writing to ask a big favor. I would like to see and play with a Beaglier pup I would buy. Do you know any breeders on the West Coast of the US that might have dogs as beautiful as yours? Any information you cou

Pamela vivian 15.01.2019 21:48

We are in need of a Beaglier puppy after our gorgeous girl Airee passed away aged 8 we miss her so much.we live in Marlo est Gippsland Vic

Glen Burnett 13.06.2018 00:55

Yes looking at purchasing a puppy.

Saurabh 03.06.2018 05:15

Hi There
Can I please request some information on the process to adopt a puppy we are based in Adelaide. Many Thanks.

Meagan 15.05.2018 03:30

Hey, looking for a Beaglier puppy! Live in Morayfield, QLD
Wondering ho much one is, and when the next litter will be?

Ilke Hwang 03.05.2018 23:38

Hi, I are looking for a beaglier puppy to joy n our family :) Can you please let me know when is the next litter and how much the cost is..

Thank you,

Jess 28.04.2018 05:09

Hi, I am looking for a cute little beaglier puppy. Can you please let me know when the next litter will be and how much they are?


Vlad 10.11.2017 17:15

Hi I am very interested in one of these dogs and am curious how they respond to cats and itaiian greyhounds. I have a ten week old ig at the moment

Nat 06.09.2017 11:28

Hi there can you please let us know when you are having another beaglier litter? The Mackay family

Raksha 30.08.2017 11:32

Hi, we are looking for a Beaglier puppy to join our family. Do you have any puppies available? If not when are you expecting your next litter?

Wendy armstrong 05.07.2017 12:16

I am interested in the beaglier puppies, to get one at a later stage and just wondering how much the cost is please. Thanks in advance

Angela 29.05.2017 23:28

Hi, my name is Angela. I am looking for a beaglier to join our family. When will you have puppies available? How much do you charge? My contact no 0405102442

Heather 17.05.2017 09:00

Hi, I'm looking for a beaglier tri coloured puppy. Do you have any available?

Amy eva 03.04.2017 06:21

Interested in purchasing one of your gorgeous pups. Live on a farm, Brookton, wa 6306.

Kamini Kumaran 28.11.2016 00:22

I have left a number of messages ...I would really appreciate if someone could call me as I'm interested in getting a pup asap. Please call me - thanks Kamini

Marianna Telese-Femia 15.11.2016 01:05

We are in NEw York and have been researching beaglier breeders. There aren't many and I'm a bit skeptical of the ones I have found. Where are you located?

Kamini 14.11.2016 00:27

Do you have any male tri-colour ones available. We are based in Melbourne. thanks

Tiki 10.08.2016 13:23

Hello. Do you have any Beaglier puppies available? We are based in Sydney.

B 10.08.2016 13:26

Please use the contact tab and send me an email:)

Patricia 21.02.2016 03:04

Looking for a female puppy we live in Nanango Qld can we please have information on availability Patricia.

Michelle 15.02.2016 01:49

Looking for brother and sister bealiers do you have any available please

Bea 15.02.2016 01:54

Michelle...Please use the CONTACT Tab and send me an email.

Sue McAuley 04.02.2016 12:24

I think your beagliers are absolutely gorgeous. Can't wait to own one!

Ravi Iyer 22.01.2016 21:23

We live in Brisbane and we are looking for a female Beaglier,
If you could please inform us .

Bea 23.01.2016 02:17

RAVI. ..Please use the CONTACT button that is on the left of the screen and send me an email. Thankyou. Bea (Breeder/owner)

Bea 22.01.2016 05:07

Hi Everyone...Please use the CONTACT US tab on the left...this will send your email to me and I can respond to you. Thankyou:)

MARISA 22.01.2016 04:58

do you currently or when will u have some beaglier puppies? preferably male and of black and tan colour.

cherie 21.01.2016 05:04

do you currently have any beaglier puppies, preferably a female tri colour ,if you dont have any atm when would you expect your next litter and prices pls

Stacey melville 24.11.2015 03:31

Hello, we are in Perth and would love to know when you will next have any beagiler puppies in? Preferably a female. Thanks Stacey

Stacey melville 24.11.2015 03:31

Hello, we are in Perth and would love to know when you will next have any beagiler puppies in? Preferably a female. Thanks Stacey

Zoe 19.11.2015 07:28

I'm from Melbourne and would love to know if you have any puppies available or when they will be next available?
Thanks, Zoe

Peter 14.09.2015 09:46

We live in Sydney and we are looking for a female Beaglier,
If you could please inform us if any are coming up for adoption.

Thank You

Lilian 10.09.2015 11:37

We live in Victoria, and we are looking for a female beaglier (tri colour if possible). Thank you!

Rowena 28.08.2015 13:26

Gorgeous pups, very cute!

Belinda 06.08.2015 15:16

I am looking for a gorgeous boy puppy to join our family in Adelaide. We have 2 children and a large backyard, safe and enclosed. Do you have any puppies.

Bea 11.08.2015 14:42

Hi Belinda
Please use the contact tab to send me an email. I have 2 boys currently available.

Katie 10.07.2015 09:52

Hi There,

I am a beaglier owner, looking for a friend for Barney. I live in Adelaide. Where are you located? Also what price do you ask for your cute critters?

Luisa 13.06.2015 04:24

Hi, Can you please advise if you still have any pups left, we would love a girl.

Michelle Watson 12.06.2015 13:48

Hi are any Beaglier pups currently available for adoption. We are looking to get two.

Regards, Michelle

nicole 15.03.2015 05:31

Hello we are considering adding a beaglier to our family. Would like to know when you'll next have puppies available. Thanks in advance.

Jenny 06.02.2015 03:34

We are very keen to purchase a beaglier puppy. Can you let us know availability and cost?

Lee-Anne 08.11.2014 08:13

Hi guys, we've sent an email but I'm not sure it's worked. Would you please contact us.

Ann Calderara 30.10.2014 00:27

We would love a male beaglier puppy looking at around Xmas time when we have holidays and the uni student is home for a few months to look after him.

jess 23.10.2014 08:16

i'm interested in buying one of your beaglier pups, are there any available?


Dionne Villiers 16.10.2014 11:55

Hi our daughters birthday is in 3 weeks and she desperately wants a beaglier. Your pups looks adorable. Please contact if you have any available

Jacqui 29.07.2014 08:03

Hi would love to purchase a Beaglier pup around Septemberish!

Janet 05.05.2014 07:42

Hi there,

I'm very keen to purchase one of your beaglier puppies.
Please let me know a.s.a.p.

Murray 03.05.2014 12:05

I would like to purchase a Beaglier puppy please.

Murray 03.05.2014 11:57

I would like to buy a male Beaglier Pup ASAP. PLEASE

Lee Hopkins 28.03.2014 09:56

Looking to buy a beaglier for my two girls at home. Do you have any in litter and what price are the puppies in general

Donna 26.03.2014 10:48

I am looking for a female tri beaglier. do you have any in your current liter. if not when is your next litter due?

Elaine 14.01.2014 13:51

I live in Geraldton WA and am looking to buy a female Beaglier puppy. Can you let me know if you have any coming soon and the cost inc flights. Cheers Elaine

Sandra M. 12.02.2013 10:12

My little beaglier bub Rocket is coming along so well! He loves the kids (especially the 1 yr old) and our socks! he's a very cute puppy. Thank you Belinda!

bel 12.02.2013 11:00

Hello Sandra
So good to hear from you and that Rocket is doing so well. Our beaglier bubs adore children so it's not surprising he loves your 1 yr old!!

bel 25.03.2012 10:27

Hello Aimee, please check your email address, I cannot reply to you.....

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28.07 | 09:42

Hi I am interested in a beaglier- when will you have a litter available please. Regards Kerri

18.08 | 10:34

Hi, we are looking at hopefully getting a Beaglier puppy? Could you please let me know if you will have any puppies soon? Thanks

14.08 | 20:47

Looking to understand more around your next litter.

12.08 | 04:46

Looking for a female beaglier to join our family. Just wondering when you might have availability and cost. Whereabouts are you located? Thanks